A nonprofit organization dedicated to funding positive TV!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice of Goodness?

A: Voice of Goodness is a nonprofit venture that was created to help fund the production costs associated with shooting and producing shows with positive messaging.

Q: Why is Voice of Goodness important?

A: Voice of Goodness is important because it provides shows with the funding necessary to continue highlighting what is great about America in the way that only positive focused television  can. Funding through Voice of Goodness helps produce the positive, uplifting, family-focused content that you love on Small Town Big Deal.

Q: How can I become a Voice of Goodness?”

A: To become a Voice of Goodness, you can make a monetary donation on-line by clicking on the Donate button or you can send a check to:
Voice of Goodness
1874 GA Hwy 32 East
Wray, GA 31798-3720
Any dollar amount is accepted and deeply appreciated.

Q: Where does my financial donation/sponsorship go?

A: Your financial donation goes directly towards the production costs of media shows such as radio, television, and podcasts that focus on positive messaging.

Q: Why does Voice of Goodness need a donation from me?”

A: Because we support independently operated television programs that do not receive funding from multiple sources like other programs. Your donation is critical to the production and continuation of these shows.

Q: What is the mission of Voice of Goodness?”

A: Our mission is to celebrate what is great and good about America in an entertaining, fun, informative, and family-friendly way; to honor and showcase the people, places, and traditions whose stories deserve to be shared.